Available courses

In this 90 min introduction taught by AAi founder Rod Cardoza, you will learn:

  • What Muslims really believe about God, Jesus and Christians
  • Muslim sensitivities every Christian should know
  • Expressions of Christian faith that Muslims appreciate most
  • How you can be a blessing to Muslim neighbors

In this 16 hr. advanced course taught by AAi founder Rod Cardoza, you will learn:

Part I : Understanding Muslims

  • Islamic origins from both a Muslim and Christian perspective.
  • Helpful parallels between Islam and earliest Jewish Christianity.
  • Common ground and difference between Islam and Christianity.
  • Keys to avoid frequent barriers in Christian-Muslim relations.

Part II : Responding to Muslims

  • How to respond to complex textual and theological issues regarding popular Muslim belief that the Bible has been corrupted, Jesus was not crucified, and Jesus is not the Son of God.
  • How to express Christian faith with gentleness and respect so it can be properly understood within a Muslim worldview and Islamic contexts.
  • How to explain Bible verses which most Muslims believe constitute clear evidence of its corruption.
  • How to address Muslim stereotypes of Christians with biblical righteousness.

Part III : Studying Scripture with Muslims

  • How to study Scripture with Muslims.
  • How to communicate biblical truth in ways Muslims deeply appreciate.
  • How to avoid offense by studying sacred texts with appropriate reverence.
  • And much more!

In this 2 hour introduction by AAi faculty Dr. Marvin Wilson and other leading Jewish and Christian scholars, you will learn about:

  • Unexpected Common Ground
  • Jewish Beliefs, Traditions and Rituals
  • Contemporary Perceptions of Each Other 
  • Perspectives on the Holy Land 
  • Understanding Monotheism 
  • The Jewishness of the Lord's Prayer 
  • Torah and Scripture
  • Jewish Study and Education
  • Understanding Messiah and Kingdom 
  • Resurrection and Afterlife 
  • Pseach and Easter 
  • Sin and Atonement  
  • Mikvah and Baptism 
  • Covenant and Circumcision
  • Christian Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
  • Confronting Prejudice and Stereotypes
  • Building Interfaith Understanding
  • Reconciliation and Co-existence

In this 15 hr. advanced course, you will learn about

Part I: Understanding Jews

  • What Jews really believe about God, Jesus and Christians
  • Jewish sensitivities every Christian should know 
  • Expressions of Christian faith that Jews appreciate most
  • Changes and developments in Judaism since Bible times
  • The parting of ways: Why church and synagogue split
  • The de-Judaization of Christianity
  • When Christians visit the synagogue
  • Jewish holy days and festivals
  • Keys to Jewish ethics, philosophy and biblical wholism

Part II: Responding to Jews

  • Learning through Jewish dialogue
  • Supercessionism and Noachide Law
  • Lessons from the Holocaust
  • Anti-semitism and the church
  • Seeking justice and peace in the Holy Land
  • Christian views on modern Israel that scare Jews
  • Impasse and opportunity in responding to theological difference
  • Creeds and deeds
  • Tikkun olam 

Part III: Studying Scripture with Jews

  • Authoritative sources in Jewish study
  • Relevancy of the Torah for Christians 
  • Jewish vs. Christian interpretive methods
  • Guidelines for understanding prophetic literature
  • Reading Isaiah together
  • Paradox and polarity in Biblical revelation
  • Navigating through difference
  • The nature of Hebrew prophecy
  • Abraham as a model for peacemaking